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DHAI Teleman is a Telecommunication and Broadband Company of the Defence Housing Authority (DHAI-R) Islamabad-Rawalpindi. The DHA Islamabad is one of the largest and most influential housing societies in Pakistan, and throughTeleman we are looking forward to setting the finest of industry standards as a leading turkey broadband solution provider. Our infrastructure Services for triple-play broadband services are based on the largest network in rawalpindi covering key localities like the Chaklala Air Base, GHQ, and so on. Following are the services which are being provided:Analogue

  • Digital HD
  • Internet
  • Telephone

We are utilizing the latest technology of Fiber Optic (HFC) and Fiber Nodes to amplify the Cable experience of our customers, providing a 24-hour customer service with a complete Genset backup. Moving on to the new era of Technology, the Teleman has fulfilled its promise of implementing a new hi-tech system of FTTH-GPON in DHA Phase II Islamabad.

Fiber To The Home technology (FTTH-GPON) will support tripple-play services like CATV (Analog + Digital HD), Telephony and internet on a flat-tape Optical fiber which will be installed through ap proposed inlet in a house allowing to avail the aditional services like Video on Demand (VOD), gaming zone, Digital Video Broadcast etc.

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UAN : 111-222-247

Fax : 051-5788703