DHA Byelaws

  • These regulations may be called “DHA Islamabad and DHA Rawalpindi Revised Byelaws & Regulations 2022” made by the Governing Body in the exercise of the powers conferred by Section 20 of The Gazette of Pakistan, Part-I, Act No XII of 2013 and Section 20 of The Gazette of Punjab, Act No XI of 2013
  • These Regulations shall extend to the Specified as well as Notified area of the Defence Housing Authority Islamabad & Defence Housing Authority Rawalpindi.
  • These regulations are a revised version of “DHA Islamabad-Rawalpindi Building Control Regulation 2000 (Revised 2016)”. They shall come into force at once.
  • The DHA Islamabad & DHA Rawalpindi is competent and has the power to amend these Regulations from time to time as it may deem necessary. The term amendment covers addition, deletion, substitution and modification of these Regulations.
  • Administrator DHA Islamabad & DHA Rawalpindi may direct the concerned officer (under whose jurisdiction violations have occurred) to take action under these Regulations concerning any violation
  • If the house/building is approved as per drawings on previous Byelaws / rules/regulations which are contradictory to the present regulations, but not completed within the prescribed time period, it will be checked as per current Byelaws and the completion certificate will be issued accordingly.


Construction Byelaws
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Construct a House in DHA Islamabad

  • Go to Town planning Section in Transfer & Record Office with Photocopy of
    • Allotment Letter. CNIC
    • Collect 2xPossession forms and charges of site plan / Possession form
  • Submit above documents in Finance (Account) Section in Transfer & Record Office
    • Collect Charges of Site Plan / Possession form from Finance Section and Submit
    • Submit dues in Askari Bank
  • Submit following document to Town Planning Section in Transfer & Record Office
    • 2xPossession forms(enclosed)
    • Photocopies of Allotment letter. CNIC. Deposit Receipt/Bank Chalan
    • form & Dues Slip (Rs 5000 in case of Attorney)
  • Collect following document from TP&BC Department in DHA Main office
    • Site plan / Possession form
    • Prescribed Forms
    • Architect list, Soil test firm list, Structured engineers list
    • Drawing submission form (Valid for 3 months)
    • For Drawing Submission submit these documents to Town Planning Section in

Transfer & Record Office

    • 3xSet of submission drawings
    • 1-Set of Structure drawing duly stamped by registered Structural Engineer on
    • A-3 size
    • Structure stability certificate
    • Photocopies of Allotment Letter, Site Plan / Possession, CNIC
    • Make pay order of drawing dues
    • After submission pay order get copy NOC clearance from Finance Department
    • Softcopy of drawing (In CD)
    • Prescribed Forms
    • Bearing Capacity Report
    • For receiving Drawing go to TP Main office then Submit these documents for

Drawing completion

    • 3xSet of submission drawings
    • Prescribed Dues (Rs. 5000/-) and un-paid charges (if any)
    • Inspection Chart duly signed by concerned officer during construction
    • Soft copy of drawing (In CD)
    • Copy of site plan / possession
    • Photocopy of approved submission drawing